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Mori-machi, located in a mountainous area in western Shizuoka prefecture, is called "little Kyoto" as its landscape, with the Ohta river running through the middle of town, resembles the Arashiyama area in Kyoto.
Our company is located along the Mikura river, a branch of the Ohta river. We produce and sell green teas here.
Whether in person, by telephone, or by mail, we value each and every customer and deliver our products to them with sincere gratitude. We hope to develop a long-term relationship with each valued customer.

Monde Selection Awarded Teas


Shizuoka Takumi-no-cha Enshuichi

Enshuichi is made from strictly selected green teas, with a distinguished taste and "in-season, aroma", produced by excellent tea plantations recognized as the best green tea producers in Japan at the national tea exhibition fair held at one of Japan's major centers of tea production, the Enshu region of Shizuoka. They have also received an award from the Japanese Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. We blend, heat, and process the tea leaves ourselves using our own techniques to make "a tea artisan's best tea".


Funwari Yamazato no Ocha-batake
(tea plantation in a mountain valley)

Making good use of the aroma and taste of thick tea leaves cultivated in the mountainous area in the Enshu region, we heat light-steamed, medium-steamed and deep-steamed arachas separately to increase their distinctive features, and blend them to create the best possible balanced "umami taste" of green tea

Tea bags for green teas for cold-brew, Genmaicha


Gyokuro-blend tea bags for cold-brew

You can enjoy the sweetness and mild bitterness of Gyokuro. We finish this tea by deep-steaming Gyokuro tea leaves which were cultivated gently and carefully covered with a straw-mat, blending them with hard-heated Sencha, and powdering them with high quality Matcha.
This tea is suitable for summer, having the sweetness and mild bitterness of Gyokuro. You can brew with cold water so the tea leaves a refreshing feeling both on one's tongue and when passing down one's throat.


Sencha tea bags for cold-brew

You can make the same delicious green tea with this tetra tea bag as that brewed with boiled water.
In order to bring out its delicious taste and beautiful color even with cold water, we heat the tea leaves strongly with far-infrared rays and blend in Matcha powder.


Yuzu-citrus flavored Sencha tea bags for cold-brew

Slight aroma of yuzu citron
The Shizuoka Sencha and Kyoto Matcha are blended, then mixed with Yuzu produced in Umaji-mura in Kochi.
The cool sensation and comfortable flavor are very refreshing.
Please enjoy our yuzu-citrus flavored Sencha-blended tea bags for cold-brew.


Genmaicha tea bags for cold-brew

The pleasant aroma of Genmai, refreshing flavor of Sencha, and refined mild taste of Matcha
We bring out these three tastes.

Matcha, Powdered green tea



Please enjoy the mild sweetness of Matcha while relaxing at home.


Powdered green tea "Ochakko"

Easy to brew, convenient and healthy
Drink and eat to get all the nutrients of tea leaves. You can use powdered tea for cooking and making sweets.